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Overview &Specifications

Lockers and Locker Seating. BizOffice lockers are proudly made in Australia and sourced from all over the world.

Our main types of lockers are: metal lockers, timber laminate lockers, plastic lockers, and mini lockers.

BizOffice is an Australian company supplying and installing lockers Australia wide. BizOffice has sales all around Australia and installation services.

Our 4 main types of lockers as follows: Timber Laminate lockers for maximum flexibility with accommodating deco, colours and wet areas,

Plastic Lockers to accommodating wet areas, these are ideal as swimming centre lockers, and refrigeration area lockers.

Metal Lockers for areas that require maximum durability such as, manufacturing areas, and building and construction areas.

Mini Lockers are ideal for small items; such as, wallets, mobile phones and key lockers.

Our lockers can also be customised; hence, they are extremely popular across a wide variety of industries. Our lockers are used Australia wide in many applications, including, gym lockers, office lockers, swimming centre lockers, change room lockers, mini lockers, golf lockers, sports lockers and factory lockers.